F213 – 3U CompactPCI® PMC Carrier


MEN Mikro Elektronik GmbH


Angela Bieber

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F213 – 3U CompactPCI® PMC Carrier


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The F213 is a rugged single Eurocard CompactPCI® carrier board supporting the PMC mezzanine standard or, as an option, the PCI mini card standard.

The standard version of the F213 offers one PMC slot with a 32-bit and 33-MHz or 66-MHz data transfer rate. Using mezzanine carrier cards like the F213 is a fast and easy way to extend the functionality of any CompactPCI® system based on the huge offer of PMC modules available on the market.

The F213 is designed for -40 to +85°C operation temperature using qualified components and prepared for conformal coating in order to be used also in harsh and mobile environments. The final environmental qualification depends on the respective cards used on the carrier.