CPCI to CPCI Serial Hybrid Rack for Single Eurocards

CPCI to CPCI Serial Hybrid Rack for Single Eurocards

This compact 4U rack-mount enclosure is a basic system that allows the configuration with both CompactPCI® Serial and CompactPCI® cards. Being a hybrid system, it offers an uncomplicated and cost-effective migration solution from parallel 3U CompactPCI® to serial CompactPCI® Serial via the CompactPCI® PlusIO standard.

The 8-slot hybrid backplane in this configuration does not need a bridge or an active logic. The four slots on the left are designed for 32-bit CompactPCI® and rear I/O on P2. The four slots on the right are reserved for CompactPCI® Serial. The CompactPCI® PlusIO system slot is the fourth slot from the left. Either a standard CompactPCI® 2.0 or a PICMG 2.30 CompactPCI® PlusIO CPU board can be used in this slot.

This hybrid system is designed for use with the MEN system-slot SBCs F11S, F12N, F13, F14, F15, F17, F18, F19P and F50P. Only F19P and F50P support CompactPCI® Serial.

That way, the three remaining slots on the CompactPCI® bus and the four CompactPCI® Serial slots can be used to install additonal I/O functions.

While the CompactPCI® Serial slots on the right are best suited for functions like Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gigabit Ethernet or high end graphic with high data rate requirements, the parallel CompactPCI® bus delivers enough performance for all kinds of conventional I/O like binary or analog signals.

In addition, the system offers space for mass storage devices.

A 8HP plug-in 250W power supply unit which is accessible at the back of the system is already included and wired.

The enclosure meets EMC requirements, making it a perfect choice for embedded applications in harsh environments.

Ask us for completely configured, wired and tested systems!

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