CompactPCI Serial Chassis Platforms

CompactPCI Serial Chassis Platforms
Manufacturer: HEITEC AG
Manufacturer's Product Page: CompactPCI Serial Chassis Platforms

The HEITEC HeiPac Vario VM-R CPCI-S is a 4U vertical-mount chassis that holds up to eight 3U slots at a 0.8” pitch. The modular card guides can be adjusted to allow 1.0” pitch or other spacing in .2” increments. The standard PSU is a fixed 350W ATX, but other options are available. Conduction-cooled card guides are also available for testing and development. The chassis is 42HP wide, other versions are available in 19″ rackmount or specialty sizes.

The HeiPac Vario VM-R CPCI-S has various power and backplane configuration options. Consult HEITEC for off-the-shelf options and tailored configurations.

– 4U vertical-mount chassis platform that accepts 3U CompactPCI Serial boards
– Supports RTMs for rear I/O
– Up to 8 slots at 0.8” pitch
– Card guides can be adjusted in .2” increments to accept various slot pitches
– Bottom-to-top cooling configuration. Front-to-rear cooled version is also available.
– Fixed 250W ATX (other PSU options are available upon request)
– Low cost design
– Optional rubber “feet” for desktop applications
– Customization available

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