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(cPCI) Boards - Networking & Communications

Available as a CompactPCI® peripheral board, the CN7-REVERB is provided with up to five high performance Gigabit Ethernet controllers, each wired to an associated front panel RJ45 jack.

Since the chosen Intel® 82574IT GbE controllers are PCI Express® based, the CN7-REVERB is equipped in addition with a PCI to PCI Express® bridge, and a 6-port PCI Express® packet switch.
Each network controller has its own proprietary MAC address and can be used individually. The RJ45 connectors are compatible to 1000BASE-T, 100BASE-TX and 10-BASE-T applications. The Intel® 82574IT controllers are suitable for industrial temperature range, and provide latest networking technology for embedded applications such as the TimeSync protocol compliant with the 802.1as specification.

The CN7-REVERB is a CompactPCI® peripheral card, suitable for any common 32-bit CPCI parallel backplane, either 33MHz or 66MHz clock. Since the 82574IT Ethernet controllers are based on the PCI Express® high speed serial interface, the proven PLX PEX8112 PCI to PCI Express® bridge is provided on-board, as data transfer pathway.

In addition, the CN7-REVERB is equipped with the PLX PEX8606 6-lane 6-port PCI Express® packet switch. One lane is tied to the bridge chip as the upstream (host) port, while the other five downstream lanes/ports are dedicated to the Ethernet controller devices. Each PCI Express® port is a virtual PCI to PCI bridge device and will be configured using standard (BIOS) PCI enumeration. Hence, the original Intel® networking drivers and tools (available by download for a variety of OS) are unaltered and smoothly suitable for the CN7-REVERB.

The CN7-REVERB is a perfect solution for a variety of networking applications such as router, firewall, gateway, fieldbus segmentation or medium resolution vision systems.