Centellis 2000 ATCA Platform Core


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Centellis 2000 ATCA Platform Core





The Centellis 2000 is a compact AdvancedTCA platform providing all the architectural benefits of larger systems. New applications can be quickly added to the network through the reuse of existing, proven ATCA hardware and software. The flexibility in power sources and redundancy make the Centellis 2000 the ideal choice for both central office and data center requirements.
The Centellis 2000 platform integrates chassis, cooling, power distribution, and shelf management into an off-the-shelf platform solution on which you can add your service-related hardware and software. The small form factor AdvancedTCA® chassis enables reuse of existing AdvancedTCA (ATCA®) hardware and software providing a significant reduction in development cost and reducing time-to-market for new systems.

With an architecture designed for 5NINES availability, the Centellis 2000 enables scalable reliability through the use of either independent or redundant functions throughout the chassis. All electronic modules, blades and cards are field replaceable units. The platform minimizes both planned and unplanned downtime and provides continuous service during fault recovery In addition to redundancy of all active system components, the Centellis 2000 supports high availability through hot-swappable key system components.