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(ATCA Node Board - # CPUs) 4 or more

ATCA Media Resource Module

– Single slot PICMG 3.0/3.1 (Option 9) compliant
– Hosts up to 6 core TNETV3020 DSPs on two mezzanine cards
– Powerful Local Management Processor – MPC8548 PowerQuiCC III processor supporting:
– 256 MB Program Flash
– 1GB Application Flash
– Up to 1GB DDR2SDRAM via a MiniDIMM Module
– Onboard GE switch provides dedicated per DSP connectivity to ATCA Fabric Interface
Onboard 10GE/GE switch provides dedicated per DSP connectivity to 10G ATCA Fabric (GE).
– Onboard sRIO Switch Fabric providing dedicated 1x lanes to each DSP and 4x lanes to the LMP for management and debug of every DSP resource
– 256MB of per DSP external DDR2 memory
– Board support software includes CG OS (Windriver PNE LE V1.3), switch management, blade management and diagnostics
– Support for third party DSP OS and Framework
Intelligent Platform Management Controller (IPMC)
– Monitors health, hot-swapping and E-keying. Contact your local Radisy Sales Representatative for more information.