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(ATCA Switches w/ AMC) AMC Types

The aTCA-3150 is a 24-port GbE AdvancedTCA® Multilayer Base Switch Blade, based on Broadcom BCM56312 switch silicon. It supports up to thirteen GbE ports for a 14-slot system, with six egress GbE ports and two 10GbE SFP+ uplink ports for front panel access. The aTCA-3150 provides a COM Express Type 2 site for expansion with a processing sub-system, allowing users to tailor processing power to application demands.

The aTCA-3150 switch blade design incorporates a powerful PowerQUICC processor for local management functions. This processor is used for managing the BCM56312 GbE switch and for hosting Broadcom’s FASTPATH® Networking Software Switching and Management modules. FASTPATH® software provides powerful networking capabilities for the Base Interface and takes advantage of BCM56312 supported functions such as VLAN tagging, link aggregation, Spanning Tree, IGMP snooping, and port mirroring.

The aTCA-3150 is ideal for AdvancedTCA platform adopters who require high speed and high bandwidth data transport interconnects for packet switching and highly flexible external I/O access. It meets the switching requirements for applications such as 3G wireless, network monitoring, and enterprise media servers.