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AG A1x/m1d GPGPU





AG A1x/m1d is a Full-size or Mid-size AdvancedMC processor module supporting up to two NVIDIA® Tegra® K1 processors. Each Tegra K1 processor consists of quad-core ARM® Cortex®-A15 CPUs and 192 NVIDIA Kepler CUDA® GPU cores which are linked together in the board to create a highly power efficient computing module that easily scales with Concurrent Technologies Fabric Interconnect Networking Software known as FIN-S. AG A1x/m1d is primarily designed for use in AdvancedTCA® or MicroTCA open standards based systems and hence benefits from a wide eco-system of complementary products like the Concurrent Technologies AM C1x/msd 4th generation Intel Core® based processor module. Typical applications for this type of embedded supercomputer include wireless test equipment, radar, image processing, decryption and other security related tasks