AdvancedMC connector for MicroTCA backplanes


Harting Inc.


Ed Garstkiewicz

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AdvancedMC connector for MicroTCA backplanes


(MicroTCA) Components

HARTING offers the MicroTCA backplane connector as a standardized press-fit version. Press-fit termination technology provides significant cost and durability advantages over other termination technologies.
With the con:card+ features, HARTING has substantially improved the contact reliability of the AdvancedMC connector. One of the key elements of the new con:card+ connector is the integrated GuideSpring, which is able to compensate tolerance deviations of the AdvancedMC printed circuit boards by centrally positioning the circuit board within the connector slot.
The current adherence to the close tolerances is at present still difficult and very expensive to manufacture. The con:card+ GuideSpring allows HARTING to ensure the reliable connection of the circuit cards, which can be manufactured in large-scale production today.
Thanks to its con:card+ GuideSpring, HARTING is the first connector manufacturer to pass the vibration and shock tests defined in the Rugged MicroTCA specification draft.
HARTING provides application specific design-in support for connector and system analysis: Test boards and test setups, Simulation data and models (S-parameter, SPICE), Signal integrity data (S-parameter, TDR, cross talk, eye-diagram analysis), Customer specific boards and models, 3D models (STEP, IGES).
HARTING part numbers 16 11 170 5202 000, 16 11 170 5205 000, 16 11 170 5206 000, 16 11 170 5207 000