14 Slot AdvancedTCA 13U/14U AC/DC



Shai Benchmuel

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14 Slot AdvancedTCA 13U/14U AC/DC




(ATCA Shelves) AC

Asis 14-Slot AdvancedTCA AC/DC Shelf exceeds
Telco market requirements for reliability and availability.
Over ten years experience in the implementation of the ATCA standards and ever improving backplane design,
thermal management and system engineering capabilities went into the design of the 14-Slot ATCA Shelf. We ensure
consistent quality with our world class manufacturing at ISO9000 certified facilities.
Fully redundant system featuring four hot-swappable fan trays, dual hot-swappable shelf managers, up to five 1600W AC power supplies, or two DC Power Entry Modules
Key Features include:Both AC and DC configuration for maximum flexibility, PICMG 3.0 R2.0, and IPMI v 1.5 compliant shelf,300W per slot, IPMI version available as an option, 40 Gbps backplane speed, Fabric interface with Dual-star or Dual Dual-star interconnect, Base interface Dual-star Ethernet signaling environment, “NEBS Level 3 ready” integrated system, RoHS compliant, CE, UL, TUV certified and is Designed to meet FCC and CISPR requirements.