The VT072 is single slot backplane which allows any AMC.1, AMC.2, AMC.3 or AMC.4 to be utilized.


The VT026 is a reference schematic which provides a complete hardware and software solution that occupies only 15mm x 15 mm space on the AMC module and dissipates less then 0.13 watts. The CPU is a 32-bit RISC from NXP (LPC2138, packaged in 10mmx10mm, 64 pin HVQFN) with integrated Flash, Dual I2C, Dual SPI, Dual RS-232, WDT, RTC, 10-bit A/D, etc.

The VT026 provides the quickest way to design for the AMC form factor without prior IPMI knowledge. The VT026 firmware is field upgradeable and configurable via the I2C bus. This allows deployable systems to be upgraded in field if necessary


The UTC008 is a JTAG signal multiplexer providing connectivity between one of the three master ports and up to 18 secondary devices. The UTC008 follows the μTCA specification and mates to chassis that have the JSM slot available.