12 slot compact and powerful MicroTCA platform

Powerful MicroTCA platform for exceptional performance and versatility

The compact Kontron OM6120 brings exceptional performance and versatility to a wide range of quad-play telecom applications and high bandwidth datacom applications with significant cost improvements compared to conventional MicroTCA platforms. Cost optimization is thanks to its streamlined design that includes Power Management and Fan Control on the backplane, and pluggable Power Supply Units instead of MicroTCA Power Modules. All AdvancedMC modules connect to both MCH modules in a dual-star base interface (GbE) on AMC ports 0 and 1. Fabric ports 4-7 of all AdvancedMC modules connect to MCH 1, while the AdvancedMC modules’ extended fabric ports 8-11 connect to MCH 2, enabling the Kontron OM6120 to support a wide range of configurations.

The possibility to use single and double-width form factor AdvancedMC modules provides extraordinary flexibility for a wide-range of applications that demand high processing power, high throughput and low latency. In combination with the layout of two rows of AdvancedMC bays, the fabric options facilitate the implementation of dual-channel processor architectures with arbitration or checkpoints between the channels. By accommodating a high number of multi-core AdvancedMC modules and allowing a tight coupling of processors over high-speed communication links (over the backplane), the Kontron OM6120 is also well suited for image processing applications in single-channel or dual-channel architectures.

– Compact System for up to 12 Mid-Size AMCs (Single-Width and Double-Width)
– Dual Pluggable AC PSUs
– Dual-Star backplane incl. GbE, 10GbE, PCIe and SRIO according to SCOPE mapping
– Management Options: Fully Featured MCH with various fabric options; one or two MCHs
– 5U System, ½ of 19″ wide, 215 mm deep (chassis only)
– Options: 2x OM6120 units mountable in one 19″ rack; 2nd fan unit mountable on top
– Ready to use: system configured and operating system installed
– Customizable Design

OM6090D / OM7090D

Modular Platform for High-End MicroTCA Applications

The OM6090D / OM7090D is a modular system for High-End Processors and Switches beyond 1Gbit/s and positions MicroTCA at 10 Gbits/s and allows to accommodate state-of-the-art multi-core CPUs such as the Intel® Quad-Core XEON® on Kontron’s AM5030, as well as Kontron’s 10Gbit switch AM4910. The system supports the 4U MicroTCA form factor (double-width AMCs) with 80 Watts per AMC.

– Modular platform for high-end multi-core processor AMCs
– 19″ rack mountable system (6U) with front-to-back cooling for best usage of shelf space
– Supports Double-Width, Full-Size AMCs for high power envelope up to 80W
– 10 GbE fabric with enterprise-class MCH
– Fault resilience and high-availability, supports redundant configurations
– 9x Full-Size, Double-Width Slots for AMCs (max 80W) (e.g. AM5030)
– 2x Slots for MCHs, redundant configuration (e.g. AM4910)
– With AM5030 High-End Server-Class System:
36 Cores, 216GB Memory


MicroTCA System – OM6060 Compact AMC Platform

The OM6060 is a compact AMC platform targeted as entry level solution for prototypes in test equipment, packet processing and industrial applications. It can accommodate up to 6 mid-size AMCs and one MCH (full-size). An AC power supply is located in the rear. The OM6060 supports multiple CPUs with I/O-boards over PCIExpress (PCIe) without need of an extra PCIe fabric switch. PCIe fabric clocks are generated on the OM6060 backplane. Without need of Ethernet connectivity, the OM6060 provides MicroTCA management for AMCs over an MCMC-module (AM2901) on the backplane. This way, overhead and costs are reduced to a minimum.

– Compact system incl. AC power & fans for up to 6 AMCs
– Entry level MicroTCA for packet processing, image processing and industrial applications
– Single star backplane GbE; PCIe, SRIO & SATA point-to-point
– Power Management, Fan control and PCIe fabric clocks on backplane
– Supports MCMC on backplane or Basic MCH AM4901