The VT816 is ideal for MicroTCA.4 applications that require only 1 or 2 slots. The unit offers two AMC slots (and corresponding μRTMs), an integrated MCH, and an integrated Intel Xeon E3 processor. The double module AMCs meet the MicroTCA.4 specification for applications that require rear I/O and signal conditioning, including High Energy Physics, video processing, defense, and network security.

There are Dual x4 PCIe lanes from the processor to each AMC and point-to-point routing between the two AMCs on higher ports. The AC/DC power is located in the rear of the chassis and is removable.

Linux OS is standard on the VT816, consult VadaTech for other options.


The VT814 is a compact, cost-effective μTCA.4 chassis supporting a single MCH and redundant power. It supports six μTCA.4 AMCs plus RTMs in a compact 2U form factor. Backplane connectivity supports up to PCIe Gen x8 to each AMC.

The VT814 supports a single MCH and redundant Power Modules. There are no active components on the backplane and the unit has dual redundant FRU information and Carrier Locators.

The backplane design equalises clock delays across the AMC slots, minimizing the requirement for skew correction in high-energy physics applications.

The compact design and PCIe Gen3 x8 support mean the VT814 is well suited to deployed applications with high connectivity requirements.


The VT813 is an 8U μTCA.4 chassis that provides 12 AMC mid-size double module slots that can accept any AMC.1, AMC.2, AMC.3 and/or AMC.4. It provides FCLKA, TCLKA, TCLKB, TCLKC and TCLKD to each slot. The VT813 has full redundancy. It’s capable of having redundant MCH, power modules, as well as redundant cooling units for high availability. The four hot-plug capable power supplies can provide 1100W AC each for a total of 4400W.

Ports 2-3, 12-15 and 17-20 are connected among the slots per the uTCA.4 recommendation. The VT813 has a Telco Alarm as well as redundant FRU information devices and carrier locators. The VT813 has a JSM slot which routes to each JTAG port of the AMC. The VT813 has provision to route cables from the front to back via channel below the card cage.