AM G6x/msd – Double AdvancedMC® Module based on Intel® Xeon® Processor E3 v6 Family

AM G6x/msd is an AdvancedMC® module designed for long life-cycle, high performance applications. It has the same rear I/O options as the previous generation module for backwards compatibility, includes support for Serial over LAN, adds new direct attached storage and 10 Gigabit Ethernet options.

Intel® processor (formerly known as Kaby Lake) :
Intel® Xeon® E3-1505M v6 for intensive computation applications
Intel® Core™ i3-7102E for lower power consumption applications
Wide range of front panel connections including option for dual 10 Gigabit SFP+ modules for remote connectivity
Direct attached storage including:
built in SATA microSSD™
two M.2 sites for high speed storage
Support for Serial over LAN and IPMI over LAN

RackPak/M5-1, the next step MTCA.4 chassis

The PowerBridge RackPak/M5-1 MicroTCA® chassis is a 2U 19″ rack offering up to 6 AdvancedMC™ slots, 5 of them are MTCA.4 compliant slots with up to 5 µRTMs. The RackPak/M5-1 system is the perfect base for small and low cost computer platforms in medical, industrial automation, transportation, military, and telecommunication. It supports high-end computing applications with up to 6 CPU modules as well as I/O intensive configurations. Based on the MicroTCA® and AdvancedMC™ PICMG® standards it is the best solution for long life cycle applications.

The RackPak/M5-1 includes an exchangeable cooling unit, with left-to-right cooling. Other cooling units are available upon request, as the user has to carefully evaluate the overall thermal design of his application. The cooling units are field replaceable, depending on the environmental needs.

The system can be equipped with any double full-size MTCA.0 AC power supply or a high precision 1.000W PSU. Cooling system and PSU are designed for a maximum of 80W power dissipation per slot. The dust filter and the fan cartridge are hot-swappable. An optional DC input power supply is also available.


The VT817 is a convenient low-cost MicroTCA.4 PCIe Gen3 Expansion solution. The shelf offers two AMC slots and an integrated MCH. The front panel ports accept PCIe Gen3 inputs from VadaTech’s PCI123 PCIe Gen3 board. In use with the PCI123, the VT817 can link x16 PCIe Gen3 to an Industrial PC. There are options for single PCIe input x16, dual PCIe inputs using x8 links or quad PCIe inputs using x4 links.

The double module AMC slots meet the MicroTCA.4 specification for applications that require rear I/O and signal conditioning. Applications include High Energy Physics, video processing, defense, and network security.

The AC power is located in the rear of the chassis and is removable.