VPB Series

The VPB series is part of the AdvancedTCA family of PICMG 3.0 AdvancedTCA Zone 1 connectors. VPB series connectors offer PICMG 3.0 compliance.

CNU004 Back Plane Zone 1 Power connectors for AdvancedTCA systems

Yamaichi Electronics offers our CNU004X Back Plane Power Module connectors for AdvancedTCA system Zone 1 Power. Our products are designed with Press-Fit termination technology and offer both 22pin and 30pin configurations. CNU004 series provides customer with high power capacity up to 200W; its connectors are consist with 8 high power contacts capable of carrying 16A current each and are completely hot-swappable.

MINIPAK HD Power Connectors

The MINIPAK HD Connector is a 2-piece
board-to-board connector designed to meet
the PICMG MicroTCA specification. The
connector consists of 24 power contacts
and 72 high density signal contacts.

Designed for a broad range of applications
in Telecom Edge and customer premise
equipment, CATV hardware, wireless base
stations and other communication equipment
manufactured to the MicroTCA
(PICMG AdvancedMC 1.0) specification.
Rugged contact design and post-plated 30
micro-inch gold plating provides long-term
reliability in demanding environments.