2U MicroTCA Chassis Platform

2U MTCA chassis platform. Deep rear section allows placement of specialty devices (RF, etc). Semi-rugged design, with side to side airflow. 6 slots backplane standard with various speed options (PCIe Gen3, 40GbE, etc).


The DAMC-FMC25 is a general purpose carrier with ability to host two FMC mezzanines high pin count (HPC) each. Virtex-5 FPGA allows to do high performance computation with high data throughput between FMCs, uRTM and PCIe bus on the uTCA backplane. Local DDR2 memory can be used to store measurement data which couldn’t be sent via PCIe during acquisition.

Main Features

– Double width, mid-size
– AMC, RTM Class D1.1 support
– 2x FMC: ANSI/VITA 57.1 (HPC) compliant
– onboard Spartan-6 FPGA
– Virtex-5 Data processing FPGA

The board is commercially available by our licencee

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c/o AREA Science Park – S.S.14 km 163,5
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