As Military/Aerospace is a very diverse market, all of PICMG’ specifications are a fit for some subsets in this industry segment.  For higher performance systems, including SIG/INT, Electronic Warfare, RADAR/SONAR, etc, the backplane approaches of MicroTCA, CompactPCI Serial (or legacy CompactPCI), or AdvancedTCA provide scalability and versatility.  With PCIe Gen3, 10G/40G or in some cases 100G capability, and other options, there is significant bandwidth and performance.  There are ruggedized implementations of these architectures that meet MIL-STD-810 or 901D specifications for shock and vibration.  Many high-performance digitizers are available from our members for the xTCA architectures.

COM Express is used in many Mil/Aero requirements with its rugged mezzanine approach.  Many prime contractors design their own baseboard to keep the IP proprietary and are able to update the COM Express mezzanines over time as requirements and performance advance.  Ruggedized SHB (PICMG 1.3) motherboard-based rackmount systems are also commonly deployed.  MicroTCA and CompactPCI Serial Space have both been adopted in satellite systems.   The original CompactPCI architecture is still sending data on the Mars Rover over 13 years later!